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10Gb Ethernet CX4 Cable with Ejectors

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Weight: 0.5 lbs
List Price: $86.70Your Discounted Price: $43.35
Description:10Gb Ethernet CX4 Cable with Ejectors
Item #:C5252-XME-CX4

The C5252, 10 Gigabit Ethernet CX4 (SFF-8470) Cable uses Madison 28awg Cable. It has Ejectors for attachment. This Cable is RoHS compliant.

Product Features

High bandwidth cable compatability information:

Cable Manufacturer SKU
C5252-1ME-CX4 Cisco CAB-INF-28G-1
  IBM 40K9181
  3COM 3C17776
  Belkin CX4-1M
  HP 444477-B22
  WLGore IBN6800-1
  QLogic 7104-1M-CABLE
  Tyco 6751546-2
  Mellanox MCC4L30-001
  Elpeus CB21321-1
  HP JD364B
  Amphenol NW-CX428MM000-001
  AIPC 562330003

C5252-2ME-CX4 Belkin CX4-2M
  QLogic 7104-2M-CABLE
  Mellanox MCC4L30-002
  Cisco CAB-INF-28G-2
  Elpeus CB21321-2

C5252-3ME-CX4 IBM 32R1941/40K9182
  3COM 3C17777
  Belkin CX4-3M
  HP 444477-B23
  WLGore IBN6800-3
  QLogic 7104-3M-CABLE
  Tyco 6751546-4
  Mellanox MCC4L30-003
  Cisco CAB-INF-28G-3
  Elpeus CB21321-3
  HP JD365A
  Amphenol NW-CX428MM000-003

C5252-4ME-CX4 QLogic 7104-4M-CABLE
  Mellanox MCC4L28-004
  Cisco CAB-INF-28G-4
  Elpeus CB21321-4

C5252-5ME-CX4 Cisco CAB-INF-28G-5
  Belkin CX4-5M
  WLGore IBN6800-5
  QLogic 7104-5M-CABLE
  Tyco 6751546-6
  Mellanox MCC4L28-005
  Elpeus CB21321-5
  AIPC 562330011
  Amphenol NW-CX428MM000-005

C5252-6ME-CX4 QLogic 7104-6M-CABLE
  Mellanox MCC4L24-006
  Cisco CAB-INF-28G-6

C5252-7ME-CX4 Mellanox MCC4L24-007
  Elpeus CB21321-7

C5252-8ME-CX4 Mellanox MCC4L24-008
  Elpeus CB21321-6

C5252-10ME-CX4 Cisco CAB-INF-28G-10
  Belkin CX4-10M
  WLGore IBN6800-10
  QLogic 7104-10M-CABLE
  Tyco 1-6751546-2
  Elpeus CB21321-10
  Amphenol NW-CX426<<000-010
  IBM 40K9183

C5252-15ME-CX4 Cisco CAB-INF-28G-15
  Belkin CX4-15M
  HP 444477-B27
  WLGore IBN6800-15
  QLogic 7104-15M-CABLE
  Tyco 1-6751546-4
  Elpeus CB21321-15
  Amphenol NW-CX426MM000-015

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