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LightWave HD MTP-LC 1RU Cassette, 24 Quad LC to Male MTP, Multimode 50/125 OM2 (48 Port / 96-Fiber) (MPO Compatible)

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Weight: 5.4 lbs
List Price: $3,645.00Sale Price: $1,458.00
Description:HD MTP/MPO-LC 1RU Cassette, Multimode OM2, 48 Port, 96-Fiber
Item #:CAQM-1U48P-OM2

The High-Density 96-Fiber 24 Quad LC to MTP/MPO OM2 Fiber Cassette from LightWave takes data center management to another level, maximizing both the advanced technology and space saving capabilities of MTP/MPO cable assemblies. If you are struggling to balance increasing bandwidth demands with decreasing space, give this cutting edge MTP cassette a chance!

Available in 50/125 Multimode OM2 fiber optics, this HD cassette is configured with 24 front-mounted Quad LC adapters. Choose your rear-mounted MTP brand connection from a selection of configurations, including eight MTP brand connector adapters at 12 fibers each, four 24-fiber adapters, or the most space efficient configuration of two 48-fiber MTP/MPO adapters. By plugging your MTP cable(s) into the back, 96 connections are lit up, which lead to the quad LC connector ports in the front.

What's Inside:

  • MTP brand adapter(s) in back totaling 96 fibers
  • Fan out assembly inside the cassette
  • 24 Quad LC adapters in the front

These 1RU cassettes can be mounted horizontally or vertically with available adapter rack brackets.

96-Fiber HD OM2 Quad LC to MTP Cassette Features:

  • Designed for Multimode OM2 fiber optics applications
  • Made in the USA


  • 8x12-Fiber Version: CAQM-1U48P-OM2
  • 4x24-Fiber Version: CAQM-1U48P-OM2-24MT
  • 2x48-Fiber Version: CAQM-1U48P-OM2-48MT


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