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AUI to Fiber Ethernet transceiver


Weight: 1 lbs
List Price: $193.13Sale Price: $157.44
Description:AUI to Fiber Ethernet Transceiver
Item #:KT-10F

The KT-10F Ethernet transceiver complies with IEEE 802.3 transceiver specifications and 10Mbps Ethernet CSMA/CD operation to extend the your existing Ethernet Segment up to 2000 meters by using fiber optic cable.

Product Features

  • A complete set of LEDs indicates the diagnostic status between your Ethernet devices and cabling systems
  • KT-10F supports full/half duplex mode that can be operated between switches, routers, and servers in fullduplex transmission
  • Compact design
  • The compact design makes it flexible to use in a variety of networking devices


  • Support network traffic at a rate of 10Mbit/sec
  • Support Ethernet configuration using CSMA/CD access method based on IEEE 802.3 standard
  • Comply with IEEE 802.3 standard

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