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Greenlee Long Cable Fishing Pole

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Weight: 5 lbs
List Price: $194.88Sale Price: $184.16
Description:Greenlee Long Cable Fishing Pole
Item #:10443

The Greenlee Long Cable Fishing Pole is the perfect lightweight tool for use in suspended ceilings and sub-floors when trying push or pull wires over long distances. However, despite their light weight, Greenlee Fish Poles are constructed from fiberglass for maximum durability and long-term use. Features a specially designed hook for twisting and installation of hanger wires in suspended ceilings.


  • Designed specifically for pushing and pulling wires over long distances
  • Push or pull wires over suspended ceilings, under sub-floors or crawl spaces and in attics
  • Non-conductive, high-impact construction
  • Velcro strap secures pole when in collapsed position
  • Self-contained, no loose parts
  • Lightweight design to minimize fatigue
  • Fish Pole 24 FT collapses to 50 IN x 2 1/4 IN and uses snap-lock buttons to maintain extended reach capabilities
  • Install suspension wires for drop ceilings

3 Sizes Available:

  Greenlee Cat. # Item #
24' FP24 10443
18' FP18 10442
12' FP12 02268


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