P-Lock C14 to C13 Locking Power Cables

Secure Locking C14 (Male) to standard C13 (Female) data center grade power cord prevents accidental disconnect from devices. P-Locks are designed with locking clips on the sides of the connector keeping them firmly plugged in.

IEC 60320 P-LOCK Power Cords feature a locking plug (male) that securely locks into place when used with a matching inlet. P-LOCK Power Cords are used with Server Technology, Raritan and Emerson Vertiv PDUs (Power Distribution Unit) to supply power from the PDU to a server, router, or switch. The Locking Plug helps ensure a secure connection between the cable and the pdu, reducing accidental power loss to equipment due to loose connections. We stock a wide array of lengths, colors, and configurations to meet your specific need. Standard jacket color is black; however, RED and BLUE locking IEC power cables are used to help identify primary and secondary power sources. Standard jackets are SVT and SJT, standard gauges are 18awg, 14awg. Typical applications: Data Centers, Medical Devices, Automation Industry, Industrial Equipment, Architectural Devices, Broadcasting Stations, and Critical Power Management.