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BNC Male to Toolless IDC Video Balun


Weight: 0.1 lbs
List Price: $37.99Sale Price: $20.57
Description:BNC Male to Toolless IDC Video Balun
Item #:41155

Video Baluns from Impact Acoustics provide an economical alternative to coaxial cable for video installations. Video baluns provide the necessary 75Ohm impedance to the video devices while providing 100Ohm impedance to the cabling infrastructure.

This balancing of impedances allows the video signal to travel with little to no degradation of twisted pair cabling. Save installation time by sharing existing applications. The IDC connectors provide a quick method of connecting the baluns.

Product Features

  • IDC output for easy connection without tools
  • Transmit video up to 1500 feet with little visible degradation
  • Multiple signals over a single 4-pair cable
  • Video over UTP cable
  • Male and female RCA or BNC connectors available


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