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469 Modular Cable Tester


Weight: 5 lbs
Sale Price: $133.67
Description:Greenlee Modular Cable Tester
Item #:468-G

Most voice and data network problems are wire related. Open or shorted pairs and general mis-wires are quickly diagnosed with the 468 Modular Cable Tester. Tester features a built-in tone generator; connect any 8-position modular plug to the appropriate jack on the transmitter, and a sweeping-tone signal is applied to all pairs. At the far end of the cable, use any 200-Series Inductive Amplifier to locate the corresponding plug or jack. Connecting the receiver unit automatically activates the test process. Sequencing red and green LEDs provide fast, accurate and easy to understand results.

The 468 Modular Cable Tester quickly identifies opens, shorts, reversals and transposed pairs. It tests four-pair data and voice cable links terminated with standard, modular, eight-position RJ45 jacks. Shielded ports test both shielded and unshielded cabling. Model 468 tests more wire configurations than other testers. It tests to 258, T568A, T568B, 10BASE-T and USOC standards.

Includes 468T transmitter, 468R receiver and two RJ-45 adapter cords in a soft case.


  • Test 258, T568A, T568B, 10Base-T, USOC standards
  • Identify open, short, reversed and transposed pairs
  • Send tone to identify cable at remote


  • Power: One 9V battery, nominal life 2000 hrs (no load)
  • Tone frequency: 850 and 950 Hz alternating nominal
  • Tone output: 9V p-p open circuit
  • Voltage protection: Transmitter, 52 VDC 90V p-p (up to 10 minutes); receiver, 52 VDC momentary
  • High-impact ABS cases 7.5 oz (complete kit)
  Greenlee Cat. # Item #
Modular Cable Tester 468 08661

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