CAQM-1U24P-OM1 - High Density Fiber Optic Patch Panel, MTP/MPO-LC, 1 RMS Enclosure, 62.5/125 Multimode OM1, 24 Port, 48-Fiber



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Data centers and telecom offices are always looking for ways to maximize work space efficiency as fiber count and bandwidth demands increase at a rapid pace. For this reason, LightWave brings you the revolutionary new 1U High-Density 48-Fiber 12 Quad LC to MTP/MPO OM1 Fiber Enclousure, which not only lets you maintain higher fiber counts, but allows you to manage them much more easily than before. Now you can tackle a myriad of applications at once without having to run around the room to stay on top of things!

Available in 62.5/125 Multimode OM1 fiber optics, this HD cassette is configured with 12 front-mounted Quad LC adapters. Choose your rear-mounted MTP brand connection from a selection of configurations, including 4 MTP brand connector adapters at 12 fibers each, two 24-fiber adapters, or the most space efficient configuration of a single 48-fiber MTP/MPO adapter. By plugging your MTP cable(s) into the back, 48 connections are lit up, which lead to the quad LC connector ports in the front.

What's Inside:

  • MTP brand adapter(s) in back totaling 48 fibers
  • Fan out assembly inside the enclousure
  • 12 Quad LC adapters in the front

These 1RU enclousure can be mounted horizontally or vertically with available adapter rack brackets.

48-Fiber HD OM1 Quad LC to MTP Cassette Features:

  • Designed for Multimode OM1 fiber optics applications
  • Made in the USA


  • 4x12-Fiber Version: CAQM-1U24P-OM1
  • 2x24-Fiber Version: CAQM-1U24P-OM1-24MT
  • 1x48-Fiber Version: CAQM-1U24P-OM1-48MT

* Expect max IL in the 1.1dB range for the 48F and 72F MM products the precision in the ferrule is almost the same as 24F, but again, getting physical contact on all fibers across multiple rows is highly improbable.