95-000-50 - Corning UniCam® - ST Male, Multimode 62.5/125, OM1, Ceramic Ferrule, Standard-Performance



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With the Corning UniCam® Standard-Performance OM1 ST Fiber Connector, you get great performance out of your multimode systems, while saving money with termination speed and a highly economical termination process. These UniCam ST connectors also boast low insertion loss rates.

Focus more on your telecommunications and data processing networks with this high-quality, low-maintenance solution. Having been around for quite some time, the ST connector still dominates the market today, thanks to its reliability in a variety of tasks, and the Corning UniCam maximizes this connector style's potential.

UniCam® Standard-Performance OM1 ST Fiber Connector Features:

  • Installation of an ST® Compatible Connector can be accomplished in about 45 seconds with the UniCam Pretium Tool Kit
  • Installation is as easy as strip, clean, cleave, cam and crimp
  • High-precision ceramic ferrule multimode connectors
  • 0.1 dB typical/0.5 dB maximum insertion loss per connector pair for exceptional network performance


  • Intermateability: FOCIS compliant with TIA/EIA 604-2 (ST® Compatible)
  • Qualification: Passed EIA/TIA 568-B.3
  • Durability: 0.2 dB change, 500 rematings, FOTP-21
  • Tensile Strength: 10 lb ≤ 0.2 dB change on jacketed cable; 0.5 lb ≤ 0.2 dB change on 900 μm cable; FOTP-6
  • Operating Temperature: -40º to +75ºC, exceeding EIA/TIA 568-B.3