ByteBrothers Cable & Power Test Kit



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The only kit that handles both the cables and power! Combines the Real World Certifier digital cable tester with a Power Panel Cat5/6 DVM (choose either the single jack Power Panel or the double jack inline Power Panel). This kit has everything you need to thoroughly test cables and devices plus determine exactly what is on your Cat5/6 cable.

NOTE: This is a non-stock Special Order item and has a 5-7 day lead-time. Shipments can be expedited for an additional $15.00.

Product Features

  • Power Panel Cat5/6 DVM at a terrific savings
  • P/N CPK1000 (includes the single jack Power Panel) or the CPK1000IL (includes the double jack inline Power Panel)
  • Operation of your PoE voltage source
  • High performance Real World Certifier (with 250 report storage)