ByteBrothers ProTone Wire Locator Kit



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Lighted. AC safety LED. The same probe technology sold with 1000s of our Real World Certifiers and TVR10/100/1000s has been expanded and coupled with a powerful, compact tone generator to create the high quality ProTone Wire Locator Kit.

NOTE: This is a non-stock Special Order item and has a 5-7 day lead-time. Shipments can be expedited for an additional $15.00.

Product Features

  • ProTone Features
  • Loud tone with filtering* technology locates wires quickly
  • Ultrabright LED on tip to see in dark wiring closets
  • Volume control and tone LED for controlled operation

* Filtered: Special filtering blocks hum from fluorescent lighting.


  • Pouch and 9V batteries included
  • RJ11, RJ45 and insulated alligator clips for connection
  • Insulated tip and 60HZ present warning LED for safety