EasyGetWiFi Wireless Fiber End-face Inspector



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EasyGetWiFi Wireless Fiber End-face Inspector

  • Dual output: WiFi and USB port
  • Compatible with 4 mainstream platforms: iOS, Android, Linux and Windows
  • Compact, user-friendly and much safer
  • Battery duration up to 5 hours
  • Best accessory for OTDR
  • Scan Bar-code to install software

The EasyGetWiFi is a portable handheld fiber end-face visual inspector equipped with WiFi and USB port for image transmission. EasyGetWiFi can transfer the captured fiber end-face image quickly to display terminals like smartphone, tablets and laptops. It's compatible with Windows, Android, iOS and Linux platforms. With the help of EasyGetWiFi, it is quick and easy to analyze the defects on fiber end-face and save the image for tracing-back.

EasyGetWiFi has <1um resolution. The sharpness and image quality set the higher benchmark in the market. Benefit from the unique optical design in fiber visual inspections, the inspector can catch even the finest scratch. EasyGetWiFi will be your best choice for fiber visual inspection. Includes 5 standard tips: 1.25mm/PC, 2.5mm/PC, SC/PC female, FC/PC female, LC/PC female.

Flexible long-distance image transfer
In WiFi mode, EasyGetWiFi can transfer the fiber end-face image to various display terminals. One-hand operation and slim body design enable EasyGetWiFi for the most complicated testing scenario. Click one button, operator can capture the fiber end-face image and save it in display terminals. Along withthe WiFi mode, the inspector also supports USB mode on communication and image transmission.

Wide OS compatibility
EasyGetWiFi is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS and Linux system. You can use PC, tablet or smartphone to communicate with the visual inspector.

Battery duration up to 5 hours
EasyGetWiFi has a USB Type C port to recharge the removable battery. It can work with chargers for smartphone, laptop and tablet. USB port of computer and portable battery can also be used to charge the visual inspector. The battery duration is up to 5 hours. It provides more flexibility to extend the visual inspector's duration in the field.

User-friendly design with build-in illumination
The unique focus ring and image capture scheme make the fiber end-face inspection easier, even operating with one hand. The build-in LED illuminator helps the operator to complete the measurement even when the ambient brightness level is low.

Comprehensive options for adaptors
More than 40 types of adaptors are ready for your special inspections. From standard single channel connectors to MPO, you can find the adaptor ready for your testing. The adaptors come with a special designed case for better protection in the field application.

Quick installation
Scan the bar-code on EasyGetWiFi to download and install the App. The App is available on mainstream App market. The user interface is simple and easy.