EC200KML-AF - EasyCheck AF Fiber Endface Inspector 200KML Auto Focus (Selectable 80X 200X 400X Magnification) for SC & LC Transceiver

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EC200KML-AF : EASYCHECK AF Autofocus Fiber Endface Inspector


  • EC200KML AF mainbody
  • EC200KML elbow transfer body
  • SC Transceiver adaptor
  • LC Transceiver adaptor
  • Hex wrench/1.5mm
  • DC 24V Power adaptor
  • SD card
  • Manual


  • Fast-autofocus,Improve the efficiency of visual inspection
  • Vertical foldable screen,Improve testing experience
  • Digital solution with high image resolution
  • Convenient adapter storage
  • Network accessible
  • Record traceable
  • Various and compatible adapters
  • Selectable magnifications: 80X, 200X, 400X

Dimension launches EasyCheck Autofocus(AF) Fiber Endface Inspector for speedy and accurate visual inspection. In manufacturing of optical components, the widely used manual focus inspector is usually the bottom neck of testing efficiency. The operation of manual focus inspector relies on the experience of the operator, it takes a longer inspection time and the inspection accuracy could be various depending on the training level. Easycheck AF with new digital video solution improves the inspection efficiency with high resolution image and precise auto focus procedure. The view-angle adjustable monitor and foldable design help to make the inspector more user friendly.

Main Applications

  • Visual Inspection for Fiber connectors, Transceivers, TOSA/ROSA.

Excellent image quality

EasyCheck AF adopts the digital video solution to improve image quality, resulting in clearer images, lower noise and higher contrast in fiber endface inspection. 


Fast-autofocus,Improve inspection efficiency 

Offers one-click autofocus mode and fully autofocus mode. Simplifies the visual inspection, improves the testing accuracy, consistency and efficiency. 


View-angle adjustable monitor,Improve testing experience

The view-angle of the monitor can be adjusted individually to be more user-friendly. EasyCheck AF can be fully folded for easy storage and transportation. 

Built-in storage warehouse

EasyCheck AF is compatible with multiple interfaces, and the built-in accessory storage warehouse is convenient for interface storage to prevent loss.


Network transmission

EasyCheck AF has images acquisition function and supports multiple storage media, including SD card, U disk and network transmission storage. The name of the image is editable and automatically entered for further analysis. 


Video input and output

EasyCheck AF provides image input and output functions, which can be connected to the HDMI interface display screen to meet the special needs of users; it can be interconnected with EasyGet Digital handheld fiber probe to easily inspect various female connectors.


Interface list

EasyCheck AF is equipped with a variety of adapter interfaces to inspect various fiber connectors, transceivers, TOSA/ROSA, etc. The following is a list of some common interfaces.


More accessibility features

EasyCheck AF has multi communication ports to access external devices, like LAN router, bar code scanner, foot pedal, mouse and keyboard. It offers more choices to input text, start measurement and manage testing results.