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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


I'm having issues with my shopping cart. When I click "Add to Cart" and then continue shopping to add another item, the first item is removed. How do I remedy this issue so that I can place my order?
This issue has been confirmed to be a local issue with an individual's security settings in their browser. There are a few steps you can take to correct this problem:

  1. Clear the cache/cookies in your browser.
    Internet Explorer 7: Click on Tools -> Internet Options -> General Tab -> Go down to Browing history and click on Delete... -> Under Cookies, click on Delete cookies... -> Click Yes
    Mozilla Firefox 2: Click on Tools -> Clear Private Data... -> Uncheck everything but Cookies -> Click on Clear Private Data Now
  2. Set your browser security to the Default Level to accept "Third Party" cookies.
    Internet Explorer 7: Click on Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy Tab -> Click the "Default" button on Settings. If the "Default" button is grayed out, then you needn't do anything.
    Mozilla Firefox 2: Click on Tools -> Options... -> Privacy Tab -> Check "Accept cookies from sites" and make sure that there are no exceptions.
  3. In Internet Explorer, add the following sites to your "Sites" button under Internet Options -> Privacy Tab:
    * (include the asterisk)
    * (include the asterisk)

If this doesn't help, please call us at 866-678-5852 or email at so that we can further assist you.
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Which shipping methods do you use?
We use the following methods:

  • UPS Ground
  • UPS 3 Day Select
  • UPS 2nd Day Air®
  • UPS Next Day Air®
  • UPS Next Day Air Saver®
  • UPS Next Day Air® Early A.M.®
  • UPS Standard to Canada
  • DHL Standard to Canada
  • USPS Priority(To APO/FPO Locations Only)
  • Freight Carrier (For Larger Items)
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How is shipping calculated?
Shipping is calculated by total product weight using UPS standard rates. (Note: Shipping costs may vary based on number of boxes in order, ship-from locations). Click here to read our shipping terms agreement.
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Do you ship internationally?
Yes. However, you will need to contact us directly toll-free 866-678-5852 or locally at 804-716-9007 for freight quote information.
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Which payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major VISA®, MasterCard®, American Express®, and Discover® cards over our website. If ordering over the phone or through mail order, we will accept money orders and wire transfers. Another method of payment includes a credit line upon approval of a NET Terms credit application that you must pay within 30 days. Download the credit application in .PDF format by clicking here.
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When will my order be shipped?
About 95% of all orders are shipped within 24 hours. This could be affected by Cables Plus and UPS' holiday schedules:

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When will my order arrive?
This depends on which shipping method you decide to use. Weekends and holidays do not count as days in transit.
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How do I track my order?
On your order summary page, simply click on the tracking number to track your package. For more information about tracking your order, please visit
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Is it safe for me to order over the Internet?
We use industry-standard SSL encryption to transmit credit card information securely on its way from you to our computers. Also, we are HackerSafe certified. HackerSafe runs tests on our site daily to make sure that it is secure. If you still don't feel comfortable ordering over the Internet, please visit our Contact Us page to place your order over the phone or by mail order.
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What is the difference between tight buffer and loose buffer?
First, it is helpful to understand that loose-tube and loose-buffer are one and the same. The same goes for tight buffer and tight tube. The tight versus loose desciption decribes how the basic fiber is packaged within the finished cable. The names actually describe how the fiber is placed within the overall cable. Loose buffer means that the fibers are placed loosely within a larger plastic tube. Usually 6 to 12 fibers are placed within a single tube. These tubes are filled with a gel-like compound that protects the fibers from moisture or physical stresses that may be experienced by the overall cable. These designed are typically specified and used for outside plant (OSP) applications such as directly buried in the ground, lashed or self-supporting aerial installations and other outside-the-building applications. These cables require addition work when the fibers are to be terminated. The addition work involves cleaning the water-blocking compounds from the cable and fibers as well as the use of "break-out" kits when the individual fibers are to be terminated.

For tight buffer designs, each fiber is coated with a plastic, usually with an outside diameter of 900 micron. Cables that are used inside buildings (ISP) will usually use this design. Tight buffer cables can be manufactured with up to 144, 900 micron fibers and have cable ratings of OFNP or OFNR.
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Why don't I see a 'Lock Icon'?
We have received concerns regarding being unable to see the Lock Icon in Internet Explorer that appears when you're on a secure site. When you are in the shopping cart and you click "Checkout" this will bring you to a secure site which in fact displays this icon (please see image to right). We can assure you that your information is secure with us.
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