Rip-Tie RipWrap 1" Ties, 30 to 150 Feet Lengths



2.00 LBS

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Rip-Tie RipWrap

Rip-Tie RipWrap is the perfect alternative to gaffer tape, and can be used to bundle low voltage cables instead of nylon wire ties or tape. It works great for security, telecom, and even home theater applications. Because it is both low-cost and weather resistant, RipWrap makes for a viable option in nurseries, vineyards, tree farms, florists, as well as gardening. Perforations allow tearing off pieces at predetermined lengths. Tested for 25+ release cycles, RipWrap is great if you need it for repeated use.

Rip-Tie RipWrap Features

  • 1 inch width
  • 30, 75, and 150 feet lengths available
  • 7 color options: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Violet, White, Yellow
  • Product Features

    Hook - 100% Polyethylene,
    Loop - 100% Nylon