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Standard Face Plates

ICC Face Plates
ICC Face PlatesFeatured
ID Faceplate, 1-Gang, 1-Port
ID Faceplate, 1-Gang, 2-Port
ID Faceplate, 1-Gang, 3-Port
ID Faceplate, 1-Gang, 4-Port
ID Faceplate, 1-Gang, 6-Port
ID Faceplate, 2-Gang, 8-Port
Flat Faceplate, 1-Gang, 1-Port
Flat Faceplate, 1-Gang, 2-Port
Flat Faceplate, 1-Gang, 3-Port
Flat Faceplate, 1-Gang, 4-Port
Flat Faceplate, 1-Gang, 6-Port
Flat Faceplate, 2-Gang, 8 Port
Flat Faceplate, 2-Gang, 12-Port
Stainless Steel Faceplate, 1-Gang, 1-Port
Stainless Steel Faceplate, 1-Gang, 2-Port
Stainless Steel Faceplate, 1-Gang, 3-Port
Stainless Steel Faceplate, 1-Gang, 4-Port
Stainless Steel Faceplate, 1-Gang, 6-Port
Stainless Steel Faceplate, 2-Gang, 4-Port
Stainless Steel Faceplate, 2-Gang, 8-Port
Faceplate, 1-Gang, Blank
IDC Faceplate, Data & F-Type - Cat5e RJ-45 / CATV
IDC Faceplate, 2 DATA & 2 F-TYPE
IDC Faceplate, Voice & Data
Wall Plate, 2 F-TYPE
Designer Wall Plate, VOICE 6P6C;
Designer Wall Plate, 2 VOICE 6P6C
Designer Wall Plate, F-TYPE
Angled Faceplate, 1-Gang, 1-Port
Bottom Angled Faceplate 1-Gang 2-Port
Bottom Angled Faceplate 1-Gang 4-Port
Bottom Angled Faceplate 2-Gang 8-Port
Faceplate, ID, Angled, 1-Gang, 4-Port
Faceplate, ID, Angled, 2-Gang, 8-Port
Decorex Faceplate, 1-Gang
Decorex Faceplate, 2-Gang
Flat Faceplate, 3-Gang, 9-Port
Flat Faceplate, 3-Gang, 12-Port
Elite Faceplate, 1-Gang, 1-Port
Elite Faceplate, 1-Gang, 2-Port
Elite Faceplate, 2-Gang, 4-Port
Furniture Faceplate, 3-Port
Furniture Faceplate, NEMA, 4-Port
Furniture Faceplate, TIA, 4-Port
Furniture Faceplate, UNIV, 1-Port
Furniture Faceplate, UNIV, 4-Port
International Faceplate, 2-Port
IDC Faceplate, Voice Data & 2 F-TYPE
Bottom Angled Faceplate 1-Gang, 2-Port
Angled Faceplate, 1-Gang, 2-Port
Angled Faceplate, 1-Gang, 4-Port
ID Faceplate, 3-Gang, 9-Port
IDC Faceplate, Voice & F-TYPE
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