Kingfisher Fiber Optic Connector Cleaning Kit

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Features and benefits

This is a general purpose fiber cleaning kit for most popular fiber optic connector styles with 2.5mm and 1.25mm ferrules. Replacement consumables are also available. The combination of wet and dry-cleaning items here are proven and well-accepted by most organisations. 

  • Cleaners to suit a large variety of fiber ferrules and connectors
  • Rugged nylon carry bag safely stores the cleaning equipment and ensures long life
  • Includes stick, cartridge & reel and wipe style cleaners
  • Excellent cleaning performance ensure network reliability and longevity  

Kit contents

  • 1x fiber optic cassette cleaner
  • 150x (100x 2.5 mm, 50x 1.25 mm) fiber optic cleaning swabs
  • 10x pre-saturated wipes
  • 100x lint-free wipes
  • 1x IPA cleaning pen