WaveTester MM Auto-test Kit



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The WaveTester / WaveSource 850/1300 Test Kit contains the tools necessary for certifying fiber optic links against a myriad of popular cabling standards in multimode networks. The WaveTester optical power meteris multimode and singlemode ready, and can store reference values for all wavelengths used for optical loss measurements.

Up to 200 fiber runs may be stored, and downloaded via a PC serial port for report generation using OWL Reporter software. The WaveSource 850/1300 is a multimode light source. Its dual wavelength outputs (850 nm & 1300 nm) are temperature-stabilized for accurate measurements. Two connector options are available (ST or SC).

WaveTester / WaveSource 850/1300 Test Kit Features

  • SC,ST,FC connector
  • A hard-shell carrying case, protective rubber boots
  • Two versions of WaveTester kits


  • WaveTester kits offer the fiber optic professional some of the best values in the industry
  • There is a WaveTester kit configuration to meet nearly every need
  • WaveTester kits include a WaveTester optical power meter lanyard straps, and free OWL Reporter software and operations guide on CD