ZOOM II, Dual OWL, Laser OWL, Singlemode & Multimode Fiber Test Kit



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The ZOOM 2 Dual OWL Test Kit is ideal for LAN managers and installers who need to do simple attenuation tests on their multimode and single-mode networks.

The ZOOM II (Zeroed Output Optical Meter) is an economical fiber optic power meter. It provides accurate testing of multimode and singlemode fiber cables. The 4-digit 7-segment LCD displays power readings with a resolution of 0.01dB. On-screen indicators display measurement units (dBm, dB, uW), as well as battery life. The ZOOM II comes configured with a 2.5mm universal connector for connection to ST or SC connectors, as well as any other fiber connector with a 2.5mm ferrule.

The Dual OWL is a 850/1300nm NIST traceable multimode light source. Its dual wavelength outputs are temperature stabilized for accurate measurements. The Dual OWL has two connector options: ST or SC.

The Laser OWL is a NIST traceable singlemode light source. Its dual wavelength outputs (1310nm / 1550nm) are temperature-stabilized for accurate measurements. Three connector options are available (ST, SC, and FC).

ZOOM 2 Dual OWL Test Kit Features

Kit Contents
Power Meter: ZOOM II
Light Source: Dual OWL
Laser OWL
Accessories: Product manuals
9-volt batteries
NIST certificate
Carrying case
Protective rubber boots


  • Easy -to -read 4 digit 7-segment LCD display
  • Spectral width (FWHM)35nm
  • 40 hours battery life
  • width: 2.75", Height: 4.94", Depth:1.28", Weight:154g
  • battery capacity display
  • Operatiing temperature -10 to 55º C