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Fiber Optic Selection Guide

MTP cassettes and cable assemblies take their name from the MTP brand MPO-style connector, designed and introduced as a high performance version of MPO connectors. MTP fiber systems are truly an innovative group of products. Each MTP connector contains 12 fibers or 6 duplex channels in a connector that is smaller than most duplex connections in use today. A 72-fiber trunk cable can be terminated with six MTP connectors and MTP connectors are manufactured specifically for multifiber loose tube or ribbon cable.

There are several configurations for MTP brand cable assemblies. The most popular is a MTP brand connector to MTP brand connector patch or trunk cable that connects an MTP brand cassette to another MTP brand cassette. Or, if you have an MTP brand adapter panel installed in a patch panel, then you can use a MTP brand cable to MTP brand cable in that case, as well.

Another configuration is MTP brand connectors to LC. You have one MTP brand connector on one end and you have a breakout (usually 3 feet) of 12 LC connectors on the other side.

MTP Fiber optic connectors allow high-density connections between network equipment in telecommunication rooms. They use a simple push-pull latching mechanism for easy and intuitive insertion and removal. The ends of MTP connectors may be polished flat or at an 8° angle. An MTP connector about is the same size as a SC connector but since it can accommodate 12 fibers, it provides up to 12 times the density, thereby offering savings in card and rack space.

All LightWave brand MTP cables are made in-house in Richmond, VA, and are in full compliance with Trade Agreements Act (TAA) guidelines, making them eligible for use by the U.S. Government.



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