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Cables Plus USA provides Monmouth Telecom with an Operational Edge in Business Cloud Services

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Scale-Out Challenges

Monmouth Telecom is constantly under resource pressure to add capacity to their data centers. There are a number of factors contributing to network capacity growth in the data center. These include the proliferation of fiber Ethernet services and hosted business phone system services. Senior VP of Engineering, Ken Leland III, manages the network capacity growth with his team of engineers out of the Red Bank, NJ data center. He described to us the processes he utilizes to perform the resource augmentations. Each augment requires additional cables, and each new equipment purchase comes with different types of connectors and adapters to integrate into the existing infrastructure. “The ability to rely on a knowledgeable partner when it comes to cable manufacturing has enabled us to move much faster and with fewer delays with each successive roll out” says Mr. Leland. Delays are expensive for telecom carriers as capacity needs to be available prior to signing new customers up. Monmouth Telecom relies on Cables Plus USA to provide custom made cables for their increasing network demands in their core data centers.

Made to Order Cables

The data center has unique challenges in terms of space and organization. Monmouth Telecom has the need for specific lengths along with the need for distinctly different connector types on either end. “Cables Plus provides an extensive online inventory which makes it easy to locate the products I need and price them. They provide a knowledgeable Account Representative, Ann Scheller, who makes it easy to purchase what Monmouth Telecom needs while avoiding mis-orders. Cables Plus has become a one stop shopping for all of our customer cabling requirements.”

Prevention and Preparation for Inclement Weather

Ken Leland III, proudly announced, “having the proper spare equipment, cabling, cable length, fiber connectors, simplex and duplex fibers all on hand was one of the instrumental factors for maintaining uninterrupted service. In addition, to Monmouth Telecom’s resources and efforts our customers either experienced no interruption of service or were up and running quickly.” Ken also mentioned “this was a terrific accomplishment considering the severity and unpredictable elements of Irene and Sandy.”

Managing Complexity with a Dedicated Account Representative

Ann Scheller is the Cables Plus Sales Associate assigned to Monmouth Telecom’s Account. Monmouth Telecom’s Ken Leland says that Ann has been “instrumental in handling complex orders.” Monmouth Telecom’s projects have time frames and deadlines which they communicate to all of their vendors. A typical project includes tens of vendors, including equipment, cables and services. The cabling component alone often includes many fiber connector types, cable lengths, as well as simplex and duplex fibers. Our dedicated Sales Associate, Ann Scheller, is responsible for maintaining a history of all previous orders. This history serves to validate new orders and reduce order error, which Ken Leland indicates “is a common cause for project delay.”

Future Plans

Ken Leland III, added, “with Monmouth Telecom’s Hosted PBX technology we are now in the position to provide service to larger corporations and companies. Monmouth Telecom’s commitment to excellence, the ability to connect several locations to one unified platform and our professional technical support will give our customers the opportunity to be more productive.” As Monmouth Telecom grows Ken Leland, “is expecting the successful working relationship between Monmouth Telecom and Cables Plus to become increasingly important.”

Monmouth Telecom

HomeMonmouth Telecom is an integrated communications provider (ICP) delivering a broad range of communications services to small, medium and large businesses. Monmouth Telecom provides a full suite of telecommunications solutions to businesses including Hosted PBX service, internet service, as well as local and long distance phone service. Monmouth Telecom was the first of the 200 New Jersey Internet Service providers to be licensed as a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC). Monmouth Telecom is also recognized by the BPU as a Regulated Utility. Business customers can reach a live Network Operator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year. Monmouth Telecom currently provides service to over 11,000 New Jersey customers, in industries ranging from government municipalities, healthcare, and school systems to car dealerships, insurance companies, law firms, real estate companies and mortgage lenders. Learn more at

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