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MTP Cassette Module, 6 Quad LC to 1 Male MTP, 50/125 OM4 (24-Fiber) (MPO Compatible)

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Weight: 1 lbs
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Description:MTP/MPO Cassette, 6 Quad LC - 1 Male MTP/MPO, 50/125 OM4 - 24-Fiber
Item #:CAQM-V68C0F-OM4-24M

Corning CCH Form CompatibleThe LightWave 24-Fiber, Multimode OM4 Quad LC to MTP Fiber Cassette gives you more control over the network configuration in your telecommunications room, making cables more manageable and offering you more space in the process. The cassette is a fiber adapter panel with preterminatedand pre‐tested fiber harnesses already loaded in the cassette.

By plugging an MTP brand cable into the back, 12 connections are lit up. For this specific cassette with Quad LC connectors, one 24-fiber MTP brand cable is used.

What's Inside:
  • One MTP brand adaptor in back
  • Fan out assembly inside the cassette
  • Quad LC adaptors in the front
  • Cassette module body can be configured to multiple manufacturers fit and form factor

The cassette can be snapped into any standard fiber optic patch panel including both rack mount and wall mount. A RAC-1X holds three of these cassettes which could potentially contain 72 active LC connections using only three 24-fiber MTP brand cables.

24-Fiber OM4 Quad LC to MTP Fiber Cassette Features:

  • Cassette designed for OM4 Multimode fiber optics applications
  • Optical Return Loss: > 20 dB
  • Operating Temperature: -40° C to + 80° C
  • Durability: < 0.2 dB change (per EIA-455-21A), 1000 remates


Insertion Loss

  • 0.20 dB Typical (all fibers)
  • 0.50 dB Maximum (single fiber)

MTP Elite® Performance

  • 0.10 dB Typical (all fibers)
  • 0.35 dB Maximum (single fiber) 1
  • As tested per ANSI/EIA 455-171 Method D1


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