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Procyon Fiber Module, Singlemode, 12-Fiber, MTP/MPO-LC Duplex


Weight: 1 lbs
List Price: $654.25Sale Price: $412.19
Description:Procyon Fiber Module, Singlemode, 12-Fiber, MTP/MPO-LC Duplex

The Procyon™ Fiber Cassette is designed to provide easy transition of trunk cables terminated with MTP/MPO connections to LC duplex connectivity in your data center. It is part of an overall pre-terminated cabling architecture, with a small form factor, integrated cable management and cassette extraction features, it delivers high-density and at the same time maintains easy accessibility.

• High-density
• Data Center
• Horizontal panel for server/storage cabinets
• Vertical panel chassis for switching cabinets
• Any bulk transport of LC duplex connections in a trunk cable
• 10GBit/s Ethernet
• Fiber channel for storage area networks

Product Features

  • Accommodates 1 MTP to 12 LC fiber connections
  • Integrated left or right directive management
  • Pull tab feature for easy cassette extraction
  • Proprietary bow clip positioning and retention mechanism
  • Clear cover for easy visual inspection
  • Easily upgradable to 40/100 GBit/s Ethernet by replacing with an MTPMTP cassette
  • Can be inserted in forward or reverse orientation

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