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Rackstuds Smart Rack Mount, Blue Version, 100-Pack


Weight: 0.2 lbs
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Description:Rackstuds Smart Rack Mount, Blue Version, 100-Pack
Item #:RSL100-2-7

Rackstuds™ are the revolutionary replacement for cage nuts which are used to mount IT, Pro A/V, Security, and Telecommunications equipment in 19” racks.

Rackstuds make it much easier to mount your gear because they go in from the front and provide you with a place to support your equipment while you spin on the lock nut. This makes inserting and removing Rackstuds much quicker and assists with mounting even heavy equipment as it no longer needs to be balanced in one hand!

The new blue Rackstuds are designed to work with thicker vertical rails often encountered in open frames. They'll work with vertical rails meeting the following specifications:

Vertical Rail Hole: 9.22 → 9.89mm (0.362" > 0.389")
Vertical Rail Thickness: 2.2mm/0.086" → 2.7mm/0.106" (or 12 Gauge)

Racks that are known to work with the new 'blue' studs:

  • Belden
  • Chatsworth (CPI)
  • Dell PowerEdge 2410, 4220
  • Legrand
  • Rack Technologies IQ frame
  • Cableways – IPC
  • Cooper B-Line
  • Great Lakes
  • Liebert
  • Retex
Note: Using the new blue studs in rails <2.2mm/0.086″ is not recommended as the Rackstuds will not be as snug and may cause slight movement in your equipment.

Step By Step Instruction

  1. Ensure you locate the first Rackstud™ at the beginning of the 'RU' space indicated by the thin section above the hole. It is important you don’t randomly insert the Rackstuds™ in any hole..
  2. Insert the Rackstud™ sideways (spring section towards the centre of the rack) and at 45°.
  3. Push the Rackstud™ the rest of the way in so the spring clip latches on to the vertical rail. Listen for the 'click'.
  4. Mate the yellow washers. These must be fitted, as they create the opposing force required to lock your equipment to the rack. The washer will only go on one-way. If the stud was inserted correctly (on its side), the washer will be sideways too.
  5. Hang your gear on the top studs and apply pressure to the front face of your equipment while thumbing on the nuts (bottom ones first). If your equipment weighs more that 10kgs/22lbs, nip the nut up ¼ turn with a blade screwdriver.
  6. If possible, you should also support your equipment from the rear, especially if it is deeper than 400mm/15".


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