ByteBrothers Test Equipment Real World Certifier



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Can't afford a $5000 certifier but need more than your $200 tester offers? The Real World Certifier (RWC) performs sophisticated timing, crosstalk and cable construction tests to display cable category (Cat 5E, CAT6, etc.), propagation delay, skew plus all of the normal length, opens, shorts, distance to fault, wire map and other tests that you expect from a tester of this caliber.

Product Features

  • Installations improve because the RWC spots slightly undercrimped connections
  • Switches and NIC cards, the RWC displays the devices signal level(s)
  • Includes the main unit, a toner probe, carrying case and 1 hour instructional DVD
  • This is useful in determining signal strength at the end of a long cable run


  • Compatible with all network devices
  • Device type (10,100,1000MB/s, half and full duplex)
  • Transferred to your PCs Excel for emailing or printing
  • Up to 250 tests can be stored in flash memory