Secure MT-RJ Female to SC, MM OM2 Fiber Patch Cables



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The Secure MT-RJ to SC Multimode OM2 Fiber Optic Patch Cable combines the compact design and security of the MT-RJ connector with the high multimode performance reliability of the SC connector to bring you a powerful and dependable solution to all your networking needs.

The SC connector makes installing your connector a literal snap, as it latches with a simple push-pull motion. The same goes for the MT-RJ connector, which adds the security functions you are looking for to keep your data safe from hackers on the premises, or to keep unauthorized co-workers without clearance from accessing or attempting to make improper connection changes to your network.

The MT-RJ to SC fiber optic cable, in duplex configuration, will enable you to transfer data over a 50/125 micron glass OM2 fiber 1Gbps link a distance of up to 750 meters at a wavelength of 850nm or a distance of up to 550 meters at a wavelength of 1300nm. For a 10Gbps link, you can transfer data a distance of up to 150 meters at 850nm.


  • Secure MT-RJ system reduces risks of unauthorized access to restricted networks
  • Restrict users to only connections for which they have clearance
  • Color-coded system to prevent incorrect connections