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Customer Reviews

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 Ease of Purchase 5 stars
 Customer Service 4.5 stars
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Customer Testimonials

“I'm very pleased at how fast my order arrived, if I like the quality of the cable I will definitely be ordering for your company again. This company has consistently been dependable and efficient when processing and shipping my orders.”
Gary H.
Harvey & Associates
“Great guys and a lot of help. Simply put, no need to look around for better prices, these guys beat them hands down. Would recommend to friends and other companies.”
Jason W.
Manpower Inc. of Southern Nevada
“I received the HDMI cable Friday. Thanks for the quick response and the quick service. The cable works great.”
Scott D.
“Yes, we did receive our cables right on time. Very good service. I will definitely work with your company in the future.”
Herb H.
Mt. Horeb Area School District
“Thanks for your follow-up. Yours is not the normal response from most on-line companies. I appreciate your courtesy and support. We will use CP USA again.”
Greg W.
PTI, Industries
“You have just earned a new customer. We were able to complete our project this weekend thanks to you. We will be contacting Cables Plus in the future for other cabling requirements, as well as advertising for you. Thanks so much, Dave. Super Company that actually cares about its customers.”
Randy B.
CARAB Enterprises, LTD
“Wanted to drop a note of thanks for hustling that fiber order out to us. Our client truly appreciated the all-around effort. Looking forward to working with you into the future!”
John W.
Alpha Solutions, Inc.
“Your online ordering is always quick & easy and is always available. Never had a problem! Keep up the great work.”
John G.
“I appreciate your reasonable prices, the ease of navigation of the site, and the fact that shipping is based on a real-world setup e.g. adding a small item to the order doesn't add to the shipping cost. Keep it up; I'll be back.”
Chris J.
Pinnacle Properties
“THANK YOU NICK! I hope this opportunity continues for some time, in any event you are now our 1st choice for cables and connectivity.”
Li. T.
PC Products, Inc.
“You guys rock! The cables were waiting for me at the front desk of the hotel. It was the easiest part of my trip.”
John C.
“Thank you so much, Dave; you are so helpful and I will remember to keep you on top of our list when ordering more cables. You can proceed with the order now.”
Rhonda M.
Best Manufacturing Company
“I wanted to express my appreciation of your efforts and of my experience with Cables Plus USA. I received the missing nuts and bolts Air Express Monday morning and our server rack is now loaded with gear. This was my first transaction with your company and it will not be my last. I will think of Cables Plus USA as my go-to-first company for future needs. Your personal attention on this transaction was first rate and sets the bar for other online retailers to learn from.”
Jim L.
Network Engineer
“I think you have just earned a new customer. We were able to complete the project this weekend thanks to you. We will be contacting Cables Plus in the future for other cabling requirements.”
Michelle F.
“Thanks Guys, What GREAT SERVICE!! I will definitely do business with Cables Plus again! Extra Fast Shipping! You are AMAZING!!”
Sandra P.
“As always... OUTSTANDING support. Tell your boss we love you!”
Neil D.
“Thanks for the follow-up; we did receive the cables yesterday. Ordering with your company has been a very good experience and we will certainly keep you in mind. Your company should be an example to others as to what customer service should be.”
Robin H.
The McGraw-Hill Companies
“I am continually impressed by the quick turn-around we receive from Cables Plus no matter who we deal with!!”
Steve N.
Pannaway Technologies

“I recieved the cables today and I am very happy with your service. I will be using your company for all my cable needs.”

Ray G.

“Thanks again for the follow up... I appreciate what you did. Although we had a few ‘bumps’ in the road, so to speak, I remained impressed with how you handled it... those can happen with any transaction-- how it is handled is the true measure of worth of the company, or in this case, the person. I will continue to order from you and also recommend you to my friends and associates... Thanks again... by the way, the unit looks great!! I have a lot of compliments on it...”

Geoff B.
Charter Oak Walk-In Medical Center

“I just wanted to say thank you for getting the cables requested shipped out for the early A.M. delivery. We received the cables and are extremely pleased. With so many cabling companies available both locally and on the Internet, I have found that your customer service and knowledge has been extremely beneficial to our cabling needs and we will continue to utilize your company's services in the future.”

Brian K.
BAX Global

“DCMA wants to thank Cables plus for the rapid action in conjunction with their suppliers for the repair of the Matrix Communication Box used aboard a US Naval Vessel. This was performed in a very fast and professional manner. Again, Thank you.”

Richard E.
DCMA Southern Virginia
“Cables Plus has been very good to work with; you'll go the extra mile when we're in a time crunch. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to buy from some of our vendors. I can only assume that they are so busy making money they don't need our orders. It's great to have your no hassle service.”
George S.
Pinellas County School Board

“Thanks again. I think this will clear things up for me. Your help has been invaluable. If I may ever return the favor, please let me know.”

Scott M.
Gonia Consulting LLC

“Thank you for the update and the helpful information - a refreshing change from other sites. You will get a repeat customer with this level of service.”

Michael P.
Pook Diemont & Ohl, Inc.

“Thanks for the excellent service. One or our test ranges is down waiting for these items. Your prompt shipment of these is really appreciated.”

Ed W.
Lockheed Martin

“You all are great! I'll give your website address to other network engineers here.”

Roger Y.
Optica Consulting, Inc.

“Cables received! Whoo-hoo! Thanks so much for all your help, follow-up, and outstanding customer service. I will definitely recommend your company to my colleagues and clients.”

David G.
New York City Law Department

“Do you have a great big S on your sweater? For SUPER WOMAN? That is great news. I REALLY appreciate you running that to ground and keeping us on track. If I had my way, I would tell you take the day off and leave the saving of the fiber optics world to someone else for the rest of the day.”

Carie W.
Goodrich Corporation

“Just a sincere thank you for your help and patience. You are very thorough, kind and professional; and I thank you for that. Every thing arrived today in perfect order. I am looking forward to seeing this home improvement project come together.

“I will recommend you to family and friends. Your service, prices and products leave nothing to be desired.

“Keep up the good work! Good and fair customer service is a priceless commodity...”

Robert B.

“Excellent!  That’s the commitment to quality that will gain you repeat customers.”

Andrew N.

“Thanks for being so helpful (and quick!). We are very grateful for you waiving the restocking charges. Certainly builds good faith in your company! I really appreciate your help in this matter. Thanks!”

Donna B.
Atlanta Soundworks, Inc.

“Intertape has had the pleasure of doing business with your company, Cables Plus in 2005.  You have shown you are one of the standout suppliers to Intertape in our time of need.  It is our intention to continue to do business with you in the coming new year.”

Pat K.
Intertape Polymer Group

“Thank you and your company for providing me with a quick and effective solution to my fiber optic needs.”

Joe A.
Trinity Christian Academy

“You can bank on me buying all future fiber patch cords through you guys. I truly appreciate the rapid service.”

“WOW! You guys are quick. This is the first time I have used your company and so far I am very impressed.”

Aaron D.
TekMate Inc.

“I'm sorry that I haven't written this sooner, but I need to tell you that you did a great job and helped me become a hero with my client. The client which happens to be a small part of the local Government was absolutely ecstatic when I was able to meet the deadline, actually a day or two before the deadline. I was unsure of what I wanted or even what services your company actually offered. You took the time, and explained a few different options which were available, and really did the right thing by me. I almost wish to have another fiber break like this one, just to go through this again with your company.”

George L., Jr.
Peconic Telco East, Inc.

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