Wall-Mountable Closet Housing (2 CCH Panels)



6.00 LBS

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Corning Cable Systems Wall-Mountable Connector Housing (WCH) provides interconnect or cross-connect capabilities between the outside plant, riser or distribution cables and the opto-electronics.

Units accept standard closet connector housing (CCH) connector panels and modules and options include jumper routing guides and a bracket for securing buffer tube fan-out kits.

Product Features

  • Optimized design for field connectorization
  • Suitable for loose tube and tight-buffered fiber optic cables
  • Metal cabinet construction
  • Jumper routing guides and jumper strain-relief point
  • Locking kit can be purchased at a later time and be added to the door for extra security
  • Includes rack for buffer tube fan-out kits
  • Optional pivoting splice tray holder allows easy cable routing and is designed to make field splicing easier; splice trays ordered separately
  • Accepts standard CCH connector panels
  • -04P and -06P cabinets have a durable, clear polycarbonate-tinted jumper door for easy viewing of jumper connections


  • Housings have sliding tray (01U and 02U) or open top at front (03U and 04U) for ease of access
  • 1U = One industry-standard rack space of 1.75 in