WRS-6 19" Low-Profile Wall Mount Rack



60.00 LBS

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WRS Series 19" low-profile wall-mount racks allow vertical equipment mounting for space efficiency and aesthetics.

6 space Wall Mount Rack that allows mounting of equipment in a vertical "knobs-up" fashion for space efficiency. Adjustable to 20" - 23" of usable racking depth.

Product Features

  • Allows mounting of equipment in a vertical "knobs up" fashion
  • UL Listed in the US and Canada
  • Equipment mounts to backpan for even weight distribution
  • 1/2" & 1-1/2" laser knockouts in the backpan top and bottom
  • Hinged top cover allows user access to controls
  • Hinged body allows installer access to connections
  • Top cover and body lock, and are keyed separately
  • Two bottom located fan mounting positions with guards (fans not included)
  • Vented front for cooling
  • Adjustable front rackrail provides 20” to 23” useable equipment depth
  • 150 lb. weight capacity
  • Finished in a durable textured black powdercoat


Part # Racking Height Useable Depth Weight Capacity
WRS-4 7" (4 space) 23" 150 lbs
WRS-6 10-1/2" (6 space) 23" 150 lbs
WRS-8 14" (8 space) 23" 150 lbs