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Cleanstixx™ Combination Pack for Military & Commercial Users


Weight: 0.2 lbs
Sale Price: $32.73
Description:Cleanstixx™ Combination Pack for Military & Commercial Users
Item #:MCC-VM

Includes: 10 sticks of each of the S25, S16, S12, XMT, P25 sizes
Packaged 50 sticks per box.

The new Sticklers® CleanStixx™ fiber optic cleaning swabs are the best answer for cleaning fiber optic connectors. When used with the new Sticklers® Fiber Optic Splice and Connector Cleaner, only CleanStixx™ can consistently and reliably meet the demanding cleaning performance required on today's gigahertz networks.

Each CleanStixx™ swab uses a unique, patented, high-purity fibrous tip to clean fiber optic end-faces. The tip is precision molded to be slightly narrower than the alignment sleeve. This enables the tip to spin off-center and greatly improves cleaning results — even on small form factor connectors.

Each CleanStixx™ swab is color-coded for the type of connector it is designed to clean. For example, the popular SC connectors are cleaned with the blue CleanStixx™ swab; LC connectors are cleaned with the green CleanStixx™ swab and so on. This makes training easy, and with a quick glance you can confirm you have the right CleanStixx™ swab for the job at hand.

The fibers at the tip of each CleanStixx™ swab spread during cleaning. The fibers grab particulate other cleaning swabs can't lift or dislodge. Capillary action wicks liquid contamination off the end-face and up into the fibers, while the tip flexes to conform to connector end-faces, including APC styles, so no extra tools are required.

  • There Are Five Sizes of CleanStixx™ Swabs, So You Can Clean Any and All Types of Connectors
  • CleanStixx™ Swabs Rotate Off-center, For the Best Possible Cleaning of the End-Face
  • CleanStixx™ Swabs Conform to Every End-face, Including Tough-to-Clean APC Configurations
  • Only CleanStixx™ Swabs Clean the Entire End-Face, Not Just Contact Area
  • The Molded Tip Out-Cleans Foam or Cloth Swabs; Are Less Likely to Leave Lint or Fibers
  • Only Sticklers® CleanStixx™ Swabs Can Clean Any Connector, Any Configuration, Any Size, Every Time


  • Clean any connector, any size, any configuration, anywhere (military connectors, biconic, SCA connectors for FTTh applications, SMA 905 AIR connectors)
  • Clean the entire end-face, not just the central core
  • Deliver "Wet/Dry" cleaning when used with Sticklers® Fiber Optic Splice & Connector Cleaning Fluid
  • Use ultra-clean construction — no fabric, foam, glues or particulate
  • Precisely molded to an exact size and shape, for better cleaning
  • Color-coded for easy selection
  • Packaged in high-purity, self-sealing bags
  • Military approved with National Stock Numbers


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