Cat6A Ethernet UTP/STP Cables

10G CAT6a snagless patch cords are 10 times faster than a CAT6 patch cable and 100 times faster than UTP and STP CAT5e cables and have molded boots to prevent the cable from catching when pulled through tight spaces. These network cables enable 10-Gigabit Ethernet data transmission over a 4-connector twisted pair copper cable, allowing connection distances up to 100 meters. That's nearly 50 meters more than was previously available with Cat6!

In terms of outside noise and interference elimination, Cat5e and Cat6 simply cannot match what Cat6a is capable of. Impressive return loss innovations allow you to enjoy the strongest and most reliable connections yet in the home, and especially in an office setting where fast, dependable cable networking is priority #1.

Cat6a patch cables are the ultimate in ethernet, providing advanced performance and speed unmatched by others. Cat6a network patch cables are the next generation of ethernet, building upon its predecessors' – Cat5a and Cat6 – achievements and improvements in the most critical areas. Compared to other variations of ethernet, Cat6a patch cables can provide network speeds ten times faster than Cat6 and up to 100 times faster than Cat5e cables at greater connection distances. Each Cat6a patch cable comes standard with a 4-connector twisted copper cable capable of transmitting data at distances of up to 100 meters. Cat6a patch cables are the best choice for large businesses who need ethernet they can rely upon with optimized processing speeds. Cables Plus USA provides ten variations in length, up to 100 feet, and ten variations in color so you can find what suits you best. Give yourself the ultimate in speed and reliability with Cat6a network patch cables from Cables Plus USA. View our entire selection below.



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