Cable Assemblies - Copper & Fiber Optic

Cables Plus USA is your destination for cables of all types. Whether you're looking for a server power cable or an ethernet network patch cable, we carry the highest grade cables in any category. We aim to provide only the best in all types of cable. That's why each cable we sell is extensively tested to achieve optimal performance. We carry products such as power cables suited for powering computers, monitors, printers and projectors at incredible prices. We also carry a wide range of ethernet network cables, including Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a, so you have the option of choosing which high bandwidth cable is suited for your unique needs. Create a high-speed link between a computer and a PDU for your data center that will help save costs with our selection of server P-Lock Power Cables. No matter your needs, Cables Plus USA has the specific cable that will help you achieve your power and networking goals. View our entire selection below to see our complete cable category listing.



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