Military/Harsh Environment Products

This family of qualified products represents the most comprehensive line of Military Grade products available to the industry and features non-optical disconnect, nickel-plated brass, or stainless steel configurations, available in both ST and ST Adapter configurations. These products features a highly durable, individually mounted connector system that withstands extreme temperature change, shock, vibration and corrosion, which are typical of the extreme environments or uncontrolled operating conditions the system is designed to operate within. Ideally suited for the harsh, unprotected environments of aircraft, spacecraft, shipboard and land-based applications, this connector meets or exceeds 100% of the requirements of military specification MIL-C-83522. The Military ST Connector is available in either a locking (ANX, ANY) or non-locking model (DNX, DNY) orientation and uses a convenient screw boot feature that eliminates the need for a cumbersome boot tool. The locking model features locking washers that prevent accidental optical disconnects, making the connector less sensitive to cable pull force or constant mechanical shock or vibration. The non-locking model features a higher force spring that reduces sensitivity to mechanical shock. In both models, a keyed bayonet latch provides easy engagement and disengagement. The zirconia ferrule is engineered to meet the requirements of MIL-C-83522/16, which ensures backward compatibility with legacy transceivers and ensures loss repeatability. A military part number identifies each connector. TFOCA connectors are engineered and tested to satisfy the mechanical and environmental requirements of DOD-1678 and MIL-STD-810C. The TFOCA connectors meet the requirements of MIL-C-83526/12-01. Connector and housing assemblies are hermaphroditic which facilitates genderless coupling with similar TFOCA connectors. This ruggedized TFOCA connector will withstand the repeated connection/disconnections and the handling typically required for rapid fiber optic cable deployment and retrieval in a tactical or commercial harsh environment applications. Learn more about TFOCA Connectors & Cables >



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