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Fiber patch cables (also referred to as fiber patch cords) have become the backbone of the fiber optics industry. At Cables Plus USA, we carry top-rated fiber optic patch cables of optically pure glass – no thicker than a strand of human hair – for optimized signal transfer in the networking and broadcasting industry.

We pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of fiber optic patch cable types that exceed industry standards, so our customers have the flexibility to choose which products best suit their individual needs. Numerous businesses and enterprises are discovering the benefits of fiber optic patch cords for their networking and telecommunication services. Keep reading to find more on fiber optic patch cables.

Fiber Optic Patch Cable Types

There are two prominent fiber patch cables available in today's market – single-mode and multimode. Each of these fiber optic patch cable types offers its own advantages based on what a business needs them for.

Single-Mode Fiber Patch Cable

Single-mode fiber patch cable only allows one mode of light to pass through its thin diameter, allowing it to carry signals at much faster speeds with a low degree of attenuation. This makes single-mode fiber patch cable best suited for long-distance, high-capacity voice applications such as telephone transmission or long-distance networking. Single-mode cables typically use 9/125 micron glass fiber with your choice of connectors at both ends.

Multimode Fiber Patch Cable

Multimode fiber patch cable comes with a larger core which enables multiple light modes to be transmitted within. These fiber optic patch cords are best used over shorter distances because of the multiple modes of light transmitted. Multimode fiber patch cables are best suited for networking within a building or campus for local or wide area networks such as data centers and colleges. Multimode fiber patch cable uses 50/125µm micron glass fiber with various connector types at both ends.

Fiber Optic Patch Cable Connector Types

At Cables Plus USA, we offer fiber patch cables with a massive variety of connector types for all your different pieces of equipment. We offer fiber patch cords with the same connectors on both ends as well as hybrid options with differing connectors. These include:

  • LC (Lucent Connector)
  • ST (Straight Tip)
  • SC (Square Connector)
  • MTRJ (Mechanical Transfer Registered Jack)
  • MDC (Mini Duplex Connector)
  • MTP (Multifiber Connector) 8, 12 & 20
  • And more!

Each fiber optic patch cable connector comes with different ferrule sizes and has its own characteristics and performance capabilities.

Find the Right Fiber Patch Cables Now at Cables Plus USA

Here at Cables Plus, we don't just want to meet your expectations — we want to exceed them. We'll get you the perfect multimode or single-mode fiber patch cable and appropriate connectors for your needs, along with the best delivery methods we can offer. Additionally, we can provide non-standard fiber optic patch cable jacket colors, but note that these may require a lead-time of five to seven days. If you have any questions about which fiber optic patch cords are right for you, feel free to contact the experts at Cables Plus USA. Get your patch cable now to ensure that your network stays fully functional and operates at the gold standard.



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