LightWave - Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure

CablesPlus USA carries LightWave Rack Mount Fiber Optic Enclosures and Patch Panels. MTP® brand cassettes are most often installed into rack mount fiber optic patch panels. You only have so much space in your data center so why not try using this space-saving solution? You don't have to buy a RAC-4X, we also have the RAC-1X which can hold 3 cassettes and takes up only 1 RU, or you can get a RAC-2X which can hold 6 cassettes and takes up 2 RU. Depending on your application and how much fiber you need to distribute, we have the variety of products to suit your application.

Choose the right one for you. They fit most standard 19" racks and are fully accessible from the back and from the top. To accommodate the cassettes, you can remove the wire managers inside the patch panels. Made of 16-gauge steel with a black powder finish coat, these fiber patch panels will compliment your rack and save time, energy, and most importantly: space.



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