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Cables Plus, USA is a leading distributor of power cords for many industries, including industrial, commercial, and Data Center applications. Our standard offerings include:

IEC 60320 Power Cords - IEC 60320 power cords are commonly used in data centers to connect a PDU to a device. Standard connectors are C5, C7, C13, C14, C15, C19, C20, C21

IEC 60320 Locking Power Cords - IEC 60320 locking power cords are used in data centers to connect a PDU to a Server or other IT device. Locking cords are used to ensure that accidental disconnects do not occur. We carry A-Lock, P-Lock, Z-Lock, V-Lock, W-Lock, Dual-Lock

NEMA Power Cords (Standard & Twist-Lock) - 5-15P, 5-15R, 5-20P. 5-20R, 5-30P, 5-30R, 6-15P, 6-15R, 6-20P, 6-20R, 6-30P, 6-30R, L5-15P, L5-15R, L5-20P, L5-20R, L5-30P, L5-30R, L6-15P, L6-15R, L6-20P, L6-20R, L6-30P, L6-30R, L14-30P, L21-20P




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