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Shop Cables Plus USA for power supply cords and server power cables. We've curated an extensive collection of power supply cords suited for every unique situation or networking setup. Available in seven different variations, our server power cables are suited to fulfill the needs of any data center, office or home office and provide a secure and reliable connection between computers and PDUs. We have virtually any power supply cord you may need to match your computer and PDU connectors. You can find 5-15Pto C13 power cords, C14 to C15 power cords, C20 to C19 power cords and more. Each of these server power cables comes in varying lengths depending on your needs. You can also keep your server room organized with our wide range of colors to quickly identify cords and ensure which power supply cord connects to which server. View our entire selection of power supply cords below, and ensure you're setting up the strongest connection possible for your business or home. If you're unsure of which server power cable you should be buying, contact us before ordering to determine the exact type that will work for you.

Universal and computer power supply cords, including extension cords, monitor and printer AC power cables. Power cords are available in 5-15P-C13, C14-C13, C14-C15, C20-C19, C14-C19, and C20-C13 formats. Multiple colors available including Black, Blue, Green, Red & White.