Cabinets, Server Racks, LAN Stations & Shelves

Choose from server racks, server cabinets, wallmount racks, network racks, LAN racks, portable rackmount cases and accessory products for any network or data center application. These server racks and cabinets offer high quality steel construction and multi-vendor compatibility in attractive designs. They are the perfect solution for just about any racking need.

Bring your network cable management to the next level with a server rack, network data rack, server rack cabinet and other accessories from Cables Plus USA. We offer a complete selection of data cabinets and racks to help you create an optimized and organized environment for your business or home networking. All of our network and data server racks are made from high-quality steel and built to be durable so they last you and your company for years. Accessibility is a must when working with hundreds of networking cables – being organized adequately through data center server racks makes the complicated process of finding the necessary cable a quick and efficient operation. Using a server rack not only helps with organization, it also better enables airflow to keep equipment working at the best possible speeds. We have a full range of server racks, data cabinets and accessories so you can find the product best suited for your space. Choose from ceiling mounts, server racks of all sizes, wall mounts and much more below.



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