Custom Solutions - Custom MTP/MPO Cable Builder

To build your custom fiber optic MTP cables and cable assemblies, please select your options in the table below. Our custom fiber optic cables are made in the USA and only use licensed fiber optic connectors for top quality connectivity.

Note:1 There is a 5-7 Days NORMAL Lead-Time for custom MTP cables however this timeframe may vary.

Connector Side A

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Glass Type

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Connector Side B

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Cable Options

Strand Count: Option Info
Glass Type: Option Info
Connector Side A: Option Info
Housing Type 1:
Ferrule Options 1:
Connector Side B: Option Info
Jacket Rating: Option Info
Application: Option Info
Construction: Option Info
Length (feet):
Pulling Eye: Option Info
Breakout Style: Option Info
Breakout Length: Option Info
Polarity: Option Info
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