Cable Managers

Cable routing managers organize both rear horizontal cable and front patch cords on a relay rack giving a neat installation. Flexible "fingers" allow cords to enter and exit the cable management panel as needed. Channels open for easy installation and there is Teflon in the channels that allows for smooth sliding action. Included in this section are horizontal and vertical cable managers, as well as a Universal Wire Minder and blank spacers that fit into 19" racks.

  • Vertical Cable Manager

    Video Mount Products

    Vertical Cable Manager

    MSRP: $148.96 - $168.11
    $112.00 - $126.40

    In enclosures, wiring organization is a must.  The ERENVCM helps keep all your wire bundles organized and sorted as they feed into your rack equipment.  Made out of durable ABS and steel the ERENVCM provides the strength and longevity you've...

  • 1903-1-200-01 - 1U Cable Lacing Shelf

    Kendall Howard

    1U Cable Lacing Shelf

    List Price: $28.00

    The Kendall Howard 1U Cable Lacing Shelf is no ordinary shelf. It is designed to offer a supportive surface for cables when securing, routing, and organizing connection points to and from switches, patch panels, and other rackmount equipment. For...

  • Flanged Lacing Bar

    Kendall Howard

    Flanged Lacing Bar

    MSRP: $14.00 - $200.00
    $10.50 - $150.00

    Save space and time while managing your network cables with the Kendall Howard 3" Depth Flanged Lacing Bar. Designed to mount above, below, behind, or in front of your network devices, the 3" Depth Flanged Lacing Bar allows you to do more by using less...

  • 1903-3-100-01 - 1RU 5X D-RING Cable Manager

    Kendall Howard

    1U or 2U 5X D-RING Cable Manager

    MSRP: $30.00 - $40.00
    $22.50 - $30.00

    The Kendall Howard 1U 5X D-Ring Cable Manager combines the best parts of our D-Ring Cable Management Kit and our Cable Routing Blanks. The blend of D-rings and cable routing cut outs make this one of the most versatile cable managers on the market!...

  • 1903-3-300-02

    Kendall Howard

    1U or 2U Finger Duct Cable Manager

    MSRP: $44.00 - $54.00
    $33.00 - $40.50

    Description   Designed for easy installation, the 1U and 2U Finger Duct Cable Manager provides the structure you need to safely organize and protect your network cables. The narrow open design is ideal for routing cables between patch panels and...


    Mag Daddy

    Mag Daddy Magnetic Bridle Rings

    $49.50 - $594.00

    Mag Daddy utilizes Ultra-Strong magnets the same that are used in Aerospace, and Automotive Industries. These magnets for the first time ever are being used for applications in Wire/Cable management, and automotive fastener solutions. Mag Daddy magnets...


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