Fiber Optic - Test Equipment

  • Fiber Optic Portable Test System


    Fiber Optic Portable Test System

    List Price: $50,500.00

    Reliability Test System Platform + module design,multi-application and scalable Portable one-stop test system Real-time measurement and long-time stability monitoring Insertion loss and return loss are monitored simultaneously Low measurement error and...

  • 30102300001 - SANA2 Fiber Endface Interferometer


    SANA2 Fiber Endface Interferometer

    List Price: $15,328.25

    SANA2 is the brand new Manual Focus Fiber End-face Interferometer, inheriting Dimension Technology’s know-how and experiences on Interferometer design. Based on classic SANA series, SANA2 is the first model to integrate auto APC angle tuning, auto...

  • 30102800001 - FUTURE 5D Fiber Endface Interferometer


    FUTURE 5D Fiber Endface Interferometer

    List Price: $21,338.19

    FUTURE is the brand new Automatic Fiber End-face Interferometer developed by Dimension Technology, based on our know-how and experience on the fiber inspection instrument.FUTURE provides the comprehensive fiber end-face measurement functions, including...

  • 30103900001 - MT16/MTS Single/Multi Channel Integrated Interferometer - Image 1


    MT PRO Single/Multi-Channel Interferometer

    List Price: $30,930.81

    MT Pro is a dual light source interferometer that integrates single and multiple cores. Combined with Dimension's high-tech independently developed and patented optical system to increase the size of the inspection field of view, the multi-core uses...


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