12 CH, M83526 Plug-to-Plug Cable Assembly, Distribution Tactical Cable



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A4-1000-XXX-F-CCCC 12 CH, Plug-to-Plug Cable Assembly, Distribution Tactical Cable

For fiber counts greater than 6 channels, OCC also manufactures its TFOCA/16-F plugs and TFOCA/17-F receptacles which are inter-matable and inter-changeable with the AFSI 12CH M83526 style connector family. This larger shell size “F” version of the TFOCA/16 and TFOCA/17 features a removable insert cap with retained split ceramic sleeves and is suitable for either multimode or single-mode applications. Plug-to-plug (TFOCA/16-F) assemblies are available in 4, 6, 8 or 12 channels, fabricated with 4, 6, 8 or 12 fiber military tactical cable. Receptacle assemblies are available in Jam Nut (TFOCA/17-F) or Flange Mount (TFOCA/18-F) configurations, and feature a selection of MIL ST, COTS ST, SC, FC, LC or MT-RJ pigtails. These style fiber optic assemblies can only be sold to the United States Government or to contractors servicing the United States Government.