Fiber Optic - MTP®/MPO Cassettes

MTP®/MPO brand cassettes come in a variety of connector styles and modes, and can be your solution for saving space, time, and energy. The cassette itself is comprised of four parts:

    • MTP®/MPO brand adaptor(s) in back
    • MTP®/MPO brand connectors to SC, LC, MDC, CS & SN fan out assembly inside the cassette
    • SC, ST, MTRJ (including keyed MTRJ), and LC (including keyed LCs) adaptors in the front
    • The cassette module body can be configured to multiple manufacturers for and fit factor.

By plugging an MTP®/MPO brand cable into the back, you're lighting up 12 or 24 (with quad LC) connections. For the 24-fiber application, you can have either one 24-fiber MTP®/MPO brand cable or two 12-fiber MTP®/MPO brand cables (plugging into two ports).


With MPO/MTP LGX & CCH Fiber Optic Cassettes from Cables Plus USA, you can choose from a variety of connector styles and modes to meet your networking needs with just one simple cable. Each MTP brand cassette comes with either 12 or 24 connectors depending on your application requirements. Inserting an MTP brand cassette into a port provides up to 12 or 24 individual connections, depending on the style of cassette used.



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