CABLE DADDY™ Magnetic Wire Holder - Large (1 Inch)

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CABLE DADDY™ Magnetic Wire Holder - Large (1 Inch)

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CABLE DADDY™ Magnetic Wire Holder - Large (1 Inch), Cables Plus USA

CABLE DADDY™ Magnetic Wire Holder - Large (1 Inch)

List Price: $37.95
(You save $12.65 )

CABLE DADDY™ Magnetic Wire Holder - Large (1 Inch)

List Price: $37.95
(You save $12.65 )

Mag Daddy utilizes Ultra-Strong magnets the same that are used in Aerospace, and Automotive Industries. These magnets for the first time ever are being used for applications in Wire/Cable management, and automotive fastener solutions. Mag Daddy magnets easily stick through oil, grease, paint, and dirt. After placing a Mag Daddy Fastener onto a thick piece of steel, i.e. I-Beam, it appears as if it was welded on!

Mag Daddy magnetic fasteners are quickly gaining acceptance throughout the globe, Mag Daddy products are used in all types of ways from holding down wires and door panels, to holding up signs and coats, as well Mag Daddy products continue to find themselves inside various OEM products.

Mag-Daddy Fasteners are a MUST!!

• Worlds strongest magnet
• Triple plated (NiCuNi)
• Pull Strength 15 lbs
• Premium Polymer
• Plenum rated
• Easy, fast installation
• Labor time savings
• No drilling, welding required
• Safer installations
• Ability to Rotate 360°
• Can Be Reused and Repositioned
• Wires easily added or removed
• UL Listed

Locations: Steel, Beams, Purlins, Ceiling Decks, Drop Ceiling Channels, Metal Joists, Frame Rail, Screw Heads, Metal Washer, etc.

Patent Pending

Product Features

35 Grade Neodymium
Min. 23lb Retention
NiCuNi Coating
Temperature Tolerance 40°C 90°C

Steel Cup with Zinc plated coat.

Material- Acetal
Ultrasonic Weld to Magnet
Retractable Claws


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