Cables Plus is dedicated to helping support our community. We believe that our success needs to be shared with others in our community. As a result, Cables Plus contributes and supports local organizations that help our community’s success.

We have made contributions to the following organizations and plan to continue those contributions to help our youth.

By purchasing from Cables Plus you can feel good that not only are you getting quality product at a competitive price, you are also helping support the youth in our community through the following organizations:


Wings of Hope, Where rescued horses and children come together to find hope and healing



Feed More is dedicated to feeding our neighbors who are food insecure across 29 counties and five cities. There is a lot of need in Central Virginia – 1 out of every 9 individuals in our service area is food insecure, meaning that more than 165,000 of our neighbors face hunger.

 U-TURNThe mission of U-TURN is to provide superior athletic training and sound biblical guidance to aspiring youth, maximizing their performance in life before both God and man.



Since opening our doors in 1983, the PRC of Metro Richmond has served thousands of women and men in the greater RVA community. It's our goal to provide you with compassionate care, objective information and practical resources on your pregnancy options so that you can make a confident, fully informed decision.

Cables Plus would like to challenge you to join us in helping these organizations! We are dedicated to helping our community and will work hard to support these and other organizations in our community.

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