Fiber Optic - Consumables

Consumables needed during Fiber optic Termination.

  • PA1511 - Fiber Optic Kevlar Cutters

    Tempo Communications

    Fiber Optic Kevlar Cutters

    List Price: $47.56

    Fiber Optic Kevlar Cutters Cat No: PA1511 Legacy UPC No: 769328103120 Great on thin strands! Economical scissors for cutting protective Kevlar strands in fiber optic cable have a serrated edge and feature hard-chromed steel blades for utility...

  • Adjustable Fiber Optic Stripper & Cutter - PA1162

    Tempo Communications

    Adjustable Fiber Optic Stripper & Cutter

    List Price: $33.71

    PA1162 Adjustable Fiber Optic Stripper & Cutter Cat No: PA1162 Legacy UPC No: 769328109979 The PA1162 is Tempo Communications 3-Level Fiber Optic Stripper. This tool is for stripping 2.0 to 3.0 mm fiber optic cables and features bright orange rubber...

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    200-009 - Rotary Cable Slitter, Up To 1"

    Eclipse Tools

    Rotary Cable Slitter, up to 1.0"


    With Replaceable Blades, the 200-009 Rotary Cable Slitter automatically adjusts the blades to cut the required amount without risk of damaging the conductor within. 200-009 Rotary Cable Slitter Features Slits/strips round cables up to 1.0 Inch...

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    ICACSTSUS1 - Stripper Tool UTP-STP-110 Combo


    Stripper Tool UTP-STP-110 Combo


    This multi-purpose economy cable stripper is a versatile product for cable preparation. A strip length gauge allows the removal of a wide variety of jacket materials for UTP and STP cables.Product FeaturesManufactured with high quality materials with...

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    ICACSTSUCD - Stripper Tool UTP-Coax Combo, DELUXE


    Stripper Tool UTP-Coax Combo, DELUXE


    This deluxe combo stripper tool is designed to strip virtually any cable type of your choice for voice, data, security, audio or video needs within structured cabling.Product FeaturesManufactured with high quality materials with long life cutting blades...

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    ICACSCTRST - Wire Cutter & Stripper


    Wire Cutter & Stripper


    The ICACSCTRST is a multi-purpose tool that can be used as a wire cutter as well as a wire stripper. AWG Single and Stranded wiring sizes are printed clearly on the tool for accurate and fast location of the right size. The hand naturally curved handle...

  • ET353ND-4G - Epo-Tek 353ND Heat Cure Epoxy


    Epo-Tek 353ND Heat Cure Epoxy

    $5.81 - $153.96

    EPO-TEK® 353ND is a two component, 100% solids, heat curing epoxy designed for high temperature applications. Although it will perform continuously at 200°C, it will also tolerate +300-400°C for several hours. EPO-TEK® 353ND has excellent...


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