Rip-Tie Econo Wrap With Elastic Band, 200-Pack



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EconoWrap with Elastic Band

CablesPlus USA offers the Rip-Tie EconoWrap with Elastic Band for all your cable management needs. Using the EconoWrap with elastic band, you can look forward to at least 2000 re-fastenings. This line of Rip-Tie wrap products is available in 3/4″ and 1″ width, 7″ and 11″ lengths, to best match your specific requirements.

The EconoWrap is a breeze to install. First, position the EconoWrap near the male end of the cable with the fuzzy side facing away from the cable. Next, insert the pointed end of the bull nose through the elastic band. Then, pull to anchor the EconoWrap into place. Finally, simply wrap the EconoWrap tightly around the cable bundle, and press the bull nose hook to the loop to fasten the EconoWrap securely.

Rip-Tie EconoWrap with Elastic Band Features

  • Four size options
  • Ten available colors
  • Comes in a pack of 200

Product Features

Hook, Loop -100% Nylon