MARS® Advanced Lightweight Reel Stand



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MARS® Advanced Lightweight Reel Stand

OCC’s new ALRS series of Lightweight Reel Stands represent a significant advancement in cable deployment and retrieval technology. The ALRS is a highly portable, folding A-frame stand used for paying out and retrieving cable (both copper and fiber optic) in a harsh environment. Designed for quick and easy deployment and operation, the ALRS requires no tools for set up. Additionally, when configured for transport, all pieces are maintained within the unit.


  • Engineered for the military, ready for you. The OCC ALRS reel stand came from a direct collaboration with the U.S. Military. Their input helped us develop a highly portable folding A-frame stand that is designed for quick and easy deployment and operation – built to withstand the rigors of daily use. U.S. Army nomenclature is RL-309/U.
  • More functionality, less weight. OCC’s ALRS with its lightweight aluminum construction weighs a third of RL-31 stands (a common military stand) but offers more functionality. This simple to operate stand requires no tools for assembly, can operate from either direction without tipping, and is available with solid or split axles for independent rotation.
  • Smart, rugged construction. All the pieces of the ALRS attach to the unit, making assembly a snap. Designed for rugged environments in all temperature ranges, the ALRS is ozone, fungus, and corrosion resistant.
  • Constructed of lightweight aluminum and stainless steel hardware, the stand is ozone, fungus and corrosion resistant
  • Conforms to Army Performance Specification A3354296
  • Designed for rugged environments from rain forests to rugged mountains, from hot and humid to freezing cold, from deserts to coastal conditions
  • Available with either 1" square or 1" round axle. Compatible with most common military cable reels (DR-5, DR-7, DR-8, RFO-100 through RFO-1000, and CECOM A336463 compliant reels such as the OCC MARS reels, AFO-100 through AFO-1000)
  • Available with solid axles or split axles that allow independent rotation
  • Bi-directional operation without tipping over
  • No tools required for assembly or disassembly
  • Optional storage pouch for ground stakes and/or toe clamps (also optional)
  • Fully supported in the DOD logistics system with National Stock Numbers (NSN) for both complete ALRS assemblies and spare/replacement parts

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