Rip-Tie Pivoting CableHanger 100 Pack



1.00 LBS

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Pivoting CableHanger

The Rip-Tie CableHanger, available in a pack of 100, gives you the tools you need for a successful cable management project. Available in 5 different lengths, and 11 color options, you can do more, and do it faster. CableHangers are easily released and retied, so adding, subtracting and replacing cables is a snap, allowing you to reclaim your work space and switch out cables more efficiently.

The CableHanger attaches permanently to a vertical post and then wraps around the cable bundle, keeping grouped runs segregated from each other. It's a perfect choice for use in computer room subfloors, and offers 10,000 release cycles. Most importantly, the 'pivoting tie attachment' allows you to accommodate any angle of cable run.

Product Features

Hook, Loop - 100% Nylon
Pull-Tab - 100% Nylon