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Rip-Tie Lite .5" x 5" Spool of 1440

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Weight: 6 lbs
List Price: $600.00Sale Price: $309.00
Description:Rip-Tie Lite .5" x 5" Spool of 1440
Item #:Y-05-144-XX

Rip-Tie Lite

Rip-Tie Lite .5" x 5" Spool of 1440 Ties are the perfect bulk option for cable management in large data centers and telecommunications rooms, or just as handy item to have around the house in emergency situations. Get your cables back under control in the networking room, or if you are looking to clean up your home audio/video system. This is a versatile product with as many applications as you can think of.

Rip-Tie Lite 1440-Spool .5" Ties Features

  • At least 200 re-fastenings
  • Rip-Tie Lite is made of one piece of double-sided hook and loop fastener. It has a die-cut slot for attachment to a single cable
  • 10 Colors available
  • Perfect for use on equipment, home theatre and audio systems, tools, appliances and more

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