Starfighter OTE Optical Termination Enclosure



9.00 LBS

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The OTE (Optical Terminal Enclosure) is designed to support the splicing and termination of optical drops and traditional splicing in aerial, pole or wall mount applications. The unit is an in-line enclosure with 3 models to choose from depending on the drop cable being used. The OTE is constructed of a durable and impact resistant polyethylene material specifically formulated for outside plant environments. The unit can support express cabling as well as the addition of branch or lateral cabling. When used as a drop splicing or termination enclosure, the OTE will support a variety of drop designs and provide the environmental sealing and strain relief required. Capacty:(4) 4048-SSTP Splice Trays, (96) Single Splices OR (192) Ribbon Splices

  • (8) total; (2) Express/Feeder, (6) Branch, Lateral, or Multiport*
  • *Multiport Cable Seals are available to support up to 36 fiber drops for FTTH Applications


Depth 6 in
Height 18.5 in
Width 11.5in
Color Black
Material Polyethylene
Express Diameter Max: 1.124 in.
Branch Diameter Max; 0.98 in, Min: 0.30 & 0.375